Titanic , The World's Greatest Movie

It's the greatest movie ever made, with a record breaking smash at the box office. In my page, you will read Titanic's facts and latest news. This page is currently under construction. but if you have any facts you want me to add, please e-mail me with the subject being "titanic facts" thanks!

-The movie brought home 11 oscars, making it tied for the most for a single movie.

-If you look very closely when Rose is on the driftwood at the stars, you will see the outline of the necklace

-The reason Celine Dion's song,"My Heart Will Go On", is not sung in the movie is because James Cameron doesn't believe in having songs with words in his movies.

-When Leo is drawing Kate's picture, it isn't really his hand, it's James Cameron's. And , Jim is left handed so this scene was mirrored.

-The scene when Kate spits on Billy, was all her idea. And, it had 27 takes!!

-To let all of you know, in the kissing scene, the sunset was real.

If you have the E! network, just turn it on for facts on Titanic all the time. There is a Kate Winslet hotline!! 1-800-393-8026 when prompted, enter 5512857#.Thanks to Jesse, Jason, and Heather for this!!These are only some of the facts that I have , since I'm still working on this page. Soon, I'll have a guestbook, but until then, e-mail me!! Thanks.

Golden Globes

Best Drama Film

Best Director

Best Original Score

Best Song


Art Direction- Peter Lamont, Michael Ford

Cinematography- Russell Carpenter

Costume Design-Deborah L. Scott

Directing-James Cameron

Film Editing- James Cameron, Conrad Buff, Richard A. Harris

Original Dramatic Score- James Horner

Original Song- James Horner, Will Jennings

Best Picture- James Cameron, Jon Landau

Sound- Gary Rydstrom

Sound Effects Editing- Tom Bellfort, Chris Boyes

Visual Effects- Robert Legato, Mark Lasoff, Thomas L. Fisher, Michael Kanfer

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